CentOS Linux 7 Kernel Update 3.10.0-123.4.4 Released

CentOS 7 Linux kernel 2.6.32-431.20.5 has just been released.

Update type(s): security

Resolved CVEs:


* It was found that the Linux kernel’s ptrace subsystem allowed a traced process’ instruction pointer to be set to a non-canonical memory address without forcing the non-sysret code path when returning to user space. A local, unprivileged user could use this flaw to crash the system or, potentially, escalate their privileges on the system. (CVE-2014-4699, Important)

Note: The CVE-2014-4699 issue only affected systems using an Intel CPU.

* A flaw was found in the way the pppol2tp_setsockopt() and pppol2tp_getsockopt() functions in the Linux kernel’s PPP over L2TP implementation handled requests with a non-SOL_PPPOL2TP socket option level. A local, unprivileged user could use this flaw to escalate their privileges on the system. (CVE-2014-4943, Important)

Full details can be found here.

Updating the Kernel

You can either initiate a full yum update:

yum update
Alternatively, just update the kernel packages:
yum update "kernel-*"

As this update has just been released, your preferred CentOS yum mirror may not have the update yet. In this case. you may need to wait a few hours for the update to become available. Cached repo data can also prevent new updates from being found. To clear your yum cache, run:

yum clean all
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  • C John Young, Jr.

    I am running CentOS 7 on Oracle’s VirtualBox 4.3.12. After the kernel update to 3.10.0-123.4.4, the VirtualBox main Guest Additions module fails to build. This did work successfully with the previous 3.10.0-123.4.2 kernel. I suspect that this issue may be related to a change in the kernel source code. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

    • Curtis K


      Have you checked that the latest kernel-headers and kernel-devel packages are also installed?

  • Yes, always:
    # rpm -qa | grep kernel | grep 3.10.0-123.4.4.el7

  • Thanks for the tip. The 4.3.13 Guest Additions resolved the problem.
    (While this problem may be fixed in VirtualBox 4.3.14, there are so many new problems introduced with that release that it is unusable for many (most?) users.)
    Thanks again for the help.