CentOS 7 Minimal kickstart file

I searched around a bit and couldn’t find any published kickstart files around for CentOS 7 (and the ones I did, didn’t work correctly and looked overly complex), therefore I’m attaching my CentOS 7 minimal kickstart file for anyone else who may be searching for one!


1) Firewall service and selinux are disabled in this kickstart file (for testing). Please change them to enabled if preferred.
2) Filesystem is XFS with LVM
3) Update url and repo with your local mirror if preferred.

lang en_GB.UTF-8
keyboard us
timezone Australia/Melbourne
auth --useshadow --enablemd5
selinux --disabled
firewall --disabled
services --enabled=NetworkManager,sshd
eula --agreed
ignoredisk --only-use=sda

bootloader --location=mbr
clearpart --all --initlabel
part swap --asprimary --fstype="swap" --size=1024
part /boot --fstype xfs --size=200
part pv.01 --size=1 --grow
volgroup rootvg01 pv.01
logvol / --fstype xfs --name=lv01 --vgname=rootvg01 --size=1 --grow

rootpw --iscrypted $YOUR_ROOT_PASSWORD_HASH_HERE

repo --name=base --baseurl=http://mirror.cogentco.com/pub/linux/centos/7/os/x86_64/
url --url="http://mirror.cogentco.com/pub/linux/centos/7/os/x86_64/"

%packages --nobase --ignoremissing

Please let me know if you have any issues or have suggestions to improve the above CentOS 7 minimal kickstart file.

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